This week the intrepid online dating manual, the self-styled Muslim Hitch, takes on family members pressures and reasonable objectives in dating as a single Muslim. Therefore promise, there isn’t a swear term coming soon…

We’ve all heard it – that dreaded phrase, one that starts and stops along with you wanting to stick needles in your sight each time you’re called it. Photo this: a great friends and family get together, somebody else’s children are shedding their own poultry supper all-around Auntie Salma’s brand new settee. Everybody else near you appears to be married, and tell you about most of the beautiful, fluffy circumstances they actually do as two, immediately after which grumble affectionately about their spouse having so many shoes/not switching your kitchen light bulb that fused finally Eid.

Then conversation transforms to you personally.

Every pair, every auntie, just about any uncle, will likely want to know this – »So, why you have not located anyone yet? » Then they check out answer the million buck question employing very own impressive conclusion: « is-it since you are too… » – *dhum dhum dhuuuuum dramatic music as camera zooms set for the following word* – « FUSSY?!« 

And there it really is. Trumpeted aloud, like a punch with the stomach, a thorn inside area. I understand you have been through it – I feel your pain. It is annoying to listen to particularly when you are aware you have experimented with your own darnedest to meet up potentials, giving individuals might never ever typically allow the light of time the opportunity. And for this cause, i wish to allow you to navigate the F word and advise on harm control. Below are a few comebacks which may prove beneficial:

a)    have fun with the Islam credit: « whenever Allah wills it, only after that manages to do it occur. Pray for my situation. Inshallah. »

b)    toss it back in their own court: « Well, you should understand some one for me personally? Help a brother/sister out! »

c)    end up being a smart man: « Choosing a life partner is like picking an excellent fruit, it’s having me time for you to dig through most of the spoiled types. »

d)    take to the shock aspect: « Oh i am sorry, I didn’t understand I should not be fussy towards individual i am supposed to REST WITH FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. »

When this has not helped, i’d like to decide to try another strategy. Below I present an assess physical exercise of two users exactly who contacted me personally some years back – 1st from a mainstream web site, and 2nd from a Muslim site.

Non Muzza bloke no.1:

I am 32 in environment many years, but earlier in knowledge and morality and younger in humour. A mixture i enjoy call ‘enigmatic’ but other individuals consider as ‘simple’.
I love to laugh, including at myself personally, frequently.
I prefer spontaneity but need a sensible head to harness me in once I’m going to swim in to the strong, the actual fact that i’ve my very own supply floats.

I’d want to satisfy somebody as contrary as me.
Last but not least, i prefer chocolate covered peanuts.

Muzza bloke No 2:

Needs u 
as beside me In an enjoyable Restaurent
for candle mild meal?. &
to say those sweet three words to U

The second kept me less questioning the F word as considering the WTF word. Without a doubt, they aren’t all because poor as No.2, but I express the purpose because of the overhead since many singletons have told me they’ve given up on find a hook uping a suitable Muslim spouse as they do not also protect the basic principles – such as the capability to cause. Therefore, getting ‘fussy’ is not necessarily the problem. Without doubt it is more about having some dignity and a sense of self-worth. It’s about having expectations. Positive, potentials needs to be provided the possibility, although not to the degree you compromise significantly more than you actually thought might.

Having said that, there can be a ‘however’. But discover, i’m very sorry to state, some people who need to truly have the F phrase used on them. As an instance, the people making use of immutable tick lists. For instance: « the guy must be over 6 ft 4 in » (the actual fact that she is 5′ 1″); or: « She must be able to make like my personal mum and appearance like Angelina Jolie. » Really, if you resemble the Muslim type of Ryan Gosling, you are entitled to claim that, but let’s be honest, you’re prone to look like the Muslim type of Peter Griffin.

But, the F word nevertheless rests uncomfortably. I would recommend utilizing a much less blackboard scraping phrase, like – unrealistic objectives. The challenges we apply another human being when we apply unreasonable expectations even before satisfying anyone, only trigger discontent in a marriage. We have to embrace the nice making use of the poor, take and love them for who they are, not what you unrealistically want them become. It’s about a finding just the right balance – handling the objectives and seeking what is right for you. Or you can permit eHarmony embody the F phrase on your behalf, because they search through every apples for your family, handpicking a lot more compatible matches predicated on your own individuality – one thing those matchmaking aunties of yore had a tendency to avoid using their ‘biodata’ kinds.

So to round down, next time you are called the F word, get heart please remember what exactly is already been mentioned. Do not reduce your requirements, know the worth, additionally you shouldn’t count on a Muslim Aishwarya Rai or a Muslim Henry Cavill with a higher traveling work (should you’ll pardon the pun), as your genuine knight in shining armour on a white steed could become a noble IT manager in a Ford Fiesta.

Adore, inshallah,

M. Hitch


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